Why You Should Retire in Breckenridge.jpgAs you approach the age of retirement, one of the many important questions on your mind is, “Where on earth am I going to retire?” In the United States, the average age of retirement is about 60 years old, with 64% of workers retiring between the ages of 57 and 66. The average life expectancy in the United States is around 78.5 years. Comparing those two numbers gives us an average of 18.5 years of retirement. Of course, those numbers are just averages, and everybody’s retirement age and life expectancy depend on a variety of factors, but the fact remains that deciding where you want to retire is a pretty important decision that will affect a large portion of your life.

When it comes time to retire, people usually weigh their wants against their budget and make a decision accordingly. Often, this results in them making a number of compromises when it comes to when and where they will retire. But what if I told you there was a way to get everything you wanted for a reasonable price—and even potentially increase your health and life expectancy while you’re at it?

Retiring in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado offers all of those benefits and more. In addition to boasting reasonable prices and a high life expectancy, retiring in Breckenridge offers all of the benefits associated with living in the mountains, including breathtaking scenery, unlimited outdoor activities, a healthy social life, and more. Here are some of the best benefits of retiring in Breckenridge, and why you should seriously consider making Breckenridge your destination once you retire.

Breathtaking Views

Anybody who has been to Breckenridge can attest to its beauty. Breckenridge is home to some of the most beautiful scenery, featuring a number of lakes, mountains, valleys, and more. The air is clean, too, which means the scenery will only take your breath away in a good way. If you’re looking for a place to retire that you will never get sick of looking at, Breckenridge is the perfect place for you.

Great Weather

Breckenridge has a fairly mild climate, with temperatures around 75° in the summer and around 10° in the winter. It certainly can get cold during the winter, but with a little preparation, you can stay comfortable and have plenty of things to do indoors. During the summer, the mild temperatures are perfect for any outdoor activity, from hiking to rafting, fishing to golf, and more. Every season is experienced in Breckenridge, providing you with enough time to appreciate the changing leaves during the fall and the blooming flowers in the spring.

Outdoor Activities

As mentioned above, the breathtaking views and great weather make for an unforgettable outdoor experience in Breckenridge. Famous for its world-class skiing and snowboarding, Breckenridge also offers a wide variety of other fantastic outdoor activities, including:

  • Beautiful golf courses such as the Breckenridge Golf Club which features three Jack Nicklaus Signature courses. Every course offers a mountain golf experience, with views of the Colorado Rockies that can be seen as you play.
  • Hiking trails that offer gorgeous views of nature and wildlife. There are guided hikes as well that allow you to learn more about the history of Colorado.
  • Dog sledding through Colorado’s beautiful mountains and explore some of the prettiest backcountries the United States has to offer.
  • Horseback riding is a perfect way to explore the mountains above Breckenridge Ski Resort in a slow yet exciting way.
  • Rafting is available for people of all skill levels, with courses ranging from slow and steady to whitewater.
  • Touring the mountains in a hot air balloon is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The day you try it is a day you won’t soon forget!
  • Biking through the mountains is a perfect way to get some exercise while exploring the beautiful Colorado Rockies. If you’re looking for a less intense experience, you can adventure through the city at a slow pace.
  • And, of course, as mentioned above, there are not many places that offer a better skiing or snowboarding experience than Breckenridge. If you are a winter sports enthusiast, Breckenridge is the place for you.


Education Opportunities

Breckenridge offers a variety of education options for retirees and their families. If you have children, Breckenridge Elementary School and Upper Blue Elementary School are filled with qualified teachers and kind children. Small towns like Breckenridge offer a unique opportunity to become very close to your classmates, which is why the children who attend school in Breckenridge often develop lifelong relationships with their peers. Colorado Mountain College in Summit County is the perfect place to continue your education, get your degree, or just take a few fun classes to pass the time.

History and Culture

Breckenridge was founded in the 1850s to support the gold miners who were working along the Blue River. The gold mines have since closed, and only a few of them are open as tourist attractions. Since it was founded, Breckenridge has developed from a small mining town to a huge tourist town. The economy of Breckenridge is largely driven by tourism. Its population of around 5,000 people swells to around 40,000 during the busy ski season.

Breckenridge is a historic town with an interesting history. Many of the buildings on Main Street are old with log exteriors. The town hosts events year-round, including ski races, winter festivities, the International Snow Sculpture Championship, art fairs, concerts, and more.

Are You Looking to Retire in Breckenridge?

If you are wanting a perfect place to retire and have decided that Breckenridge is the place for you, I can help you find your dream home or second home. I have over 18 years of experience helping people buy and sell homes in Breckenridge and am confident that I can assist you in finding the home that is right for you.