Posted by JanL on June 27, 2016

Modern Mountain Home Trend

Summit county is experiencing a new and profound residential real estate movement: the “modern mountain home trend.”  The modern mountain trend involves a new blend of material in architecture and décor, combining the upscale city loft with the rustic mountain dream home. Essentially, a rustic-modern palace – with a view.

Furnishing a mountain mansion has always been a hassle, which makes deciding what to place, and where, quite difficult. By sticking to a very specific theme, the modern mountain trend takes some of the headache out of the planning process, all while leaving ample room for creativity.

Modern mountain homeThis new style sweeping through Summit County is the blending of wood and metal in main living areas, dining and family rooms. Some staples of the modern mountain trend include rustic wooden furnishings and flooring, concrete countertops, and an elegant mixture of glass and steel (think steel beams and floor-to-ceiling windows). Other popular modern mountain materials include beetle kill wood and live edge.

“It’s a departure of the typical mountain aesthetic of moose and bear decorations and getting back to a more straightforward connection to the environment,” Interior Designer Christine Romano told Summit Daily News.

Essentially, the modern mountain trend ditches the cheeky elements of your typical cabin-by-the-lake and replaces them with a more sophisticated, adult version. It brings the outdoors into your home, in the most luxurious way possible. The overall goal of the modern mountain trend is to encapsulate our beautiful surroundings in our living spaces. 

What’s even more interesting is the modern mountain took roots right here in Summit County. When a part-time local years designed and built her family home six years ago, she began referring to its unique style as ‘funky mountain modern.’ The dining room features an 18-foot pine wood polished dining room table surrounded by ten metal and leather arm chairs. The morning sitting room is home to a 12-foot leather window seat and an adjustable marble and metal coffee table with a wheel to adjust the height for extra seating if need be. In the kitchen stands a wood and marble island counter with metal bar stools. Each room follows her recurring trend of wood, metal and marble, bringing this modern mountain trend to light with the architecture and interior design of the home.

This shift toward a modern mountain home design is gaining rapid popularity in mountain communities such as Summit County, and industry experts believe it will quickly become the norm. Speckled granite countertops and warm neutral colors are slowly becoming a thing of the past – get ready for grey and concrete; steel and wood. So, if you’re remodeling or looking in the Summit County or Breckenridge real estate markets, ask your designer or realtor about the modern mountain home trend. 

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