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Mud Season: One of the Best Things About Living in Breckenridge

Posted by JanL on May 6, 2015

Breckenridge in the Spring Time

You’ve probably heard it from the locals: mud season is upon us. This is the time of year in Breckenridge and Summit County when the abundant buildup of snow from the winter begins to melt – rapidly. The term unofficially defines the ending of winter and beginning of spring in the high country when towns like Breckenridge face drastic changes.

The ski resorts shut down the lifts, the hotels empty and even some of the local establishments close for several weeks. Biking and hiking trails become saturated with mud, and the towns in Summit County grow unusually quiet.

While the aforementioned may deter you from wanting to ever experience Breckenridge during mud season, the natives paint a much different picture about life in the area during early spring. In fact, mud season activities fall among Colorado’s hidden gems.

Booking accommodations has never been easier. From upscale hotels to Breckenridge townhomes and condos, almost every lodging option boasts vacancies and tempting discounts. Breckenridge realty rentals can be found at great rates. And while a small selection of bars and restaurants temporarily lock their doors, the ones that remain open offer enticing deals that make eating out a nightly activity.

In a town that is often bustling with travelers, the locals thoroughly enjoy the shorter lines, reduced traffic and virtually non-existent waiting times brought on by mud season in Breckenridge. Life slows down for a moment, serving as a reminder of why life in a small mountain town is so special in the first place.

Beyond unbeatable discounts and the time to stop and smell the roses, there is still an excellent selection of outdoor activities ripe for the picking. The seasonal downsides are made up for with a multitude of benefits.

Mud season is the first time of the year one can venture into high-country hikes without requiring snowshoes or cross country skis, thanks to snow-pack. Explore the Peaks Trail or National Forrest lands without worrying about sinking through snow with each step.

While it’s not quite yet mountain biking season, there is an enormous network of paved biking paths in Summit County, making for great spring riding allowing you to venture from town-to-town through scenic landscapes on two wheels. Bike along the Blue River for an afternoon of fishing for hungry trout after a long winter; another great mud-season activity!

And when it comes to the rivers in Summit County, snowmelt means higher waters and exciting rapids – the perfect time for an epic white water rafting trip under the Rocky Mountain spring sunshine.

From historic walking tours to springtime festivals, fishing in gold medal waters to shooting rapids; mud season in Breckenridge is nothing to sneeze at. (Not that you would in such fresh mountain air!) Even the Breckenridge real estate market is at prime buying time.

Whether you’re considering a weeklong getaway or relocating to Breckenridge altogether, mud season is a wonderful time to experience this western gem. 

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