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Little By Little

Posted by JanL on March 30, 2015

The old adage that states “You eat an elephant one bite at a time” is true.  Look around your home in Summit County and think about the last time you spent a little time working on it to keep it up to date.  If it’s been a while you may want to start an upkeep list and tackle it piece by piece.  Knowing the last time something was modified will help you prioritize what to work on first, or perhaps nothing has been remodeled or updated since the Breckenridge home was built.  If nothing has been done since the build of the Summit County home there may be a growing list of potential needs in the near future.

Investing in updating and upkeeping your property in Summit County leads to a happy home.  A home that was built more than 5 years ago is ready for some care other than a good vacuum or wash.  Carpeted areas may be in need of a good shampooing to freshen them and clear out the years of dirt and dander if you own a pet.  Tiled areas will shine like new if steam cleaned, a wood floor probably is in need of refinishing. Besides giving your floors a face lift, there are other areas a owner of a Summit County home needs to pay attention.

A good walk around the Summit County property with open eyes to potential wear will give a good start to the needs of the Breckenridge home.  Check for peeling paint on the house, paint that has peeled off a home leaving a bare spot can create water damage and an entrance for pests.  If a home is starting to peel, put that on the top of the list, to paint as soon as weather allows.  Checking the roof is vital in a Colorado Mountain home.  The wind can cause damage that if left unfixed will lead to leaks and potential mold issues causing a huge bill for the owner of the Summit County property.  Catching a damaged roof early and repairing it correctly is a main priority. 

Inside the home an owner of the Breckenridge property should be vigilant to watch for leaks in pipes and potential electrical issues.  A good cleaning of the furnace and air conditioner may help lower public service bills, and a flush of the hot water heater aids the life of the unit.  If all essential areas are in good repair, a Breckenridge real estate owner may want to consider giving a face-lift to a room or two at a time.  Updating a kitchen or bathroom will help keep the home’s value high and brings a fresh look to the Summit County home.

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