Posted by JanL on May 7, 2016

You take on a great deal of responsibility the moment you decide to list your home. We’re here to make that process easier. [If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out Home Staging for a Fast Offer Part 1.]


After living in a home for many years, living space tends to take on less of an aesthetically appeasing style and more of an arrangement that suits your activities. Maybe you entertain regularly and have random pieces of furniture strewn about your living room. If you’re the annual thanksgiving host, you might have three beds crammed inside a guest room. Perhaps your playroom and office area share a space. While your home may be laid out for function over fashion, it’s important to readdress these details before a home staging. Arrange your furniture into groupings you might find in a home catalog. Store away the toys in your office area for a seamless look. While each room in your home might serve multiple purposes to your family, each one should represent one theme to potential buyers.


We all have that one room in our home that just don't have adequate lighting. Or, at least we’ve been in one at some point. If your home does happen to be a victim of dark and dungeon-like abysses for rooms, lighting up your home should be at the TOP of your priority list before your first open-house! If you have long, dark, thick curtains hiding your windows, replace them with a shorter and sheerer counterpart. Or, remove them all together. Your windows may seem naked at first, but ultimately it will add the appearance of space to the room. Additionally, be sure to change out any old or dead bulbs with at least 100-watt replacements. Potential homebuyers will be taking lots of photographs, so set up your home for perfect pictures to look back on!


Think about the restaurants you’ve eaten at. The fine dining establishments have the tables set up – complete with wine and water glasses – before you even sit down. It’s part of what cultivates an upscale atmosphere. There’s no better time to break out the fine china and good silverware than for a home staging. Set your dining room table as you would for a fancy holiday meal – even light some candles and pick up some fancy napkins. If you have a home bar, stock it. If you have a patio furniture set, put out a bowl of fruit and self-serve lemonade for an added homey touch. Potential buyers will want to envision themselves living your home. Your job is to make that as easy as possible!


You know those wicker balls that serve no purpose, or bowls of glass fruit you can’t eat? Buy some. When it comes to home staging, this type of décor is actually quite necessary. You certainly shouldn’t overdo it, but after de-cluttering and reorganizing your home for a showing, rooms may start to look a little bare. A nice centerpiece on a coffee table or mantle place can pull a room together and make your home look less clinical and more homey! Some experts suggest grouping accessories and centerpiece decorations into groups of three for an aesthetically appeasing display. This trick is similar to setting your dining room table for a fancy meal; it will make your potential buyers feel more at home.


Potential buyers walking into your open house likely already know the exact square footage of your home and surrounding property. If you have a smaller-sized home, this can be problematic. Luckily, there are a number of tricks in the book you can utilize to make your home appear bigger and more spacious than it actually is. For starters, if you haven’t done so yet, de-clutter your home! Unorganized mess and excessive furniture can shrink a room drastically, and getting rid of junk is an easy fix. If your rooms still appear small after organizing, consider painting adjacent rooms the same color. This gives them the appearance of flowing together, and wont outline each small, individual room so much. Make sure you also opt for a light or neutral color. Dark and bold paint colors are not forgiving in tiny spaces! Additionally, If you have dark, bulky curtains, remove them or replace them with a sheerer option for your open and house. And if you have tiny hallways or open wall  space, add decorative mirrors to make the area appear larger. 

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