Posted by JanL on March 29, 2016

Whether you’re in the process of selling Breckenridge real estate, or real estate anywhere for that matter, how you stage your home can determine how fast it gets sold. It can also be the catalyst that gets you a high or low offer – so don’t overlook the details! Our Summit County real estate experts came up with a list of the ultimate budget-friendly DIY home staging tips:


Remain neutral – gender neutral! Keep in mind that when you begin showing your home, you will be showing it to a myriad of people of different genders with different tastes. Does your home sport a man cave decked out in sports memorabilia and beer posters? Does your master bedroom feature an extra-feminine flare? Tone it down. The rooms in your home should be neutral enough that both men and women can envision themselves in them, without having to mentally block out your hot pink throw pillows or NASCAR collection.


If you have kids, it’s more probable than not that somewhere on your walls are greasy handprints you haven’t noticed. It’s not a bad idea to give your walls a fresh coat of paint before you begin showing your home. And, this isn’t just a tip for home sellers with kids: you may like to deck your walls out in bright or bold colors, but your potential buyers probably won't be as accepting of the intense color schemes. Research shows neutral colors are ideal for getting your home sold fast. Essentially, when it comes to room themes and wall colors, think in hotel pallets.


Leaving out old kitchen appliances is one of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to home staging. First of all, you should store away ALL appliances that aren’t integral to demonstrating a kitchen area’s potential. There’s no reason for keeping your electric mixing bowl out on the counter during a showing. However, it is a good idea to keep basic appliances out to convey the sense of a full kitchen. Microwaves, toasters and coffee makers are a go, unless they’re old and look outdated! It’s better to have empty counters than a display of kitchen tools from the 1980s.


And buyers! It’s a great idea to spruce up your home with some flowers throughout. Think lilies or lilacs in glass vases carefully placed through your entryways and hallways. If you’re trying to make a more lasting impression, you can even opt for roses or tulips, but don’t go overboard! Flowers are also great for around the outside of your entryway. You can even frame your street number with a flower box underneath. And of course, flowers are a great natural way to make your home smell fresh without overpowering chemicals.

Inside a well-staged Breckenridge luxury home.NO DIRTY LAUNDRY

You’re showing your home primarily so you can move into a new one, but first and foremost, so someone new can move into yours. This is why it’s so important for potential buyers to be able to envision your home as their own – which can be hard if your home is cluttered with your family’s belongings. This is the ideal time to pack up family photos, stuffed animals, those placemats with the pictures of food on them (yes - that means the old tablecloth too), and just about everything hanging in your closets (empty closets are ideal for making closets look big, and helping potential buyers to get a sense of storage space). Not only is it hard for people to picture themselves living in your home if it’s filled with your personal belongings, but it actually makes your place look smaller, too!

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