Posted by JanL on September 28, 2016

Online home improvement company, HomeAdvisor, based in Golden, Colorado has developed a great website that connects homeowners to licensed and vetted home improvement contractors. With a super easy interface, homeowners looking to spruce up their homes for sale; make updates and personalize a newly purchased home to fit their tastes; or just make improvements on a home should check out this clever approach to locating a professional you can trust. With over 5 million submitted reviews and over 30 million homeowners using the site across the United States, these guys have a way to get started on your remodel project without the headache of locating a contractor, worrying about their experience level, and whether they’ll be any good at creating a remodel you’ll be happy with. Their search categories cover a multitude of remodeling projects – everything from repairing and replacing patios and walkways to tile and stone work to adding a spa to simple handyman and cleaning services. Plus, it’s free - and their Denver market extends into the Summit County mountain region including Silverthorne, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone, and Breckenridge.

Home Advisor recently surveyed 18,000 homeowners to discover what makes them happiest about their homes. If you’re considering home improvements, perhaps it’s worth layering in a happiness component to your thinking? Here are a few summary points we found intriguing: 

  • The happiest homeowners have 1-2 bedrooms and bathrooms, so huge, mini mansions don’t necessarily increase happiness! Plus, you have to make sure all those rooms are clean.
  • The happiest home projects include remodeling a kitchen, landscaping, and building an addition – in that order.
  • 75% of homeowners enjoy their home’s natural light, literally bringing a ray of sunshine into your home.
  • 65% like their home’s style and design, which is good because that is a hard thing to change easily.

If you’re not happy in your home and are ready for a change, call me and let’s see what we can do to up your happiness quotient. 

What Makes a Happy Home
What Makes a Happy Home? – An infographic by HomeAdvisor