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Five Essential Steps in Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent

Posted by JanL on June 15, 2017

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you’re about to embark on one of life’s biggest milestones. Don’t journey through the process without an expert real estate agent who fits your exact needs and expectations.

1. Talk to Recent Buyers/Sellers

A reputable Breckenridge real estate agent will not only be comfortable disclosing a list of their recent clients – finding those contacts on your own should be a simple endeavor as well. A popular local agent will have a reputation within the community. This is the first step in either ruling out or settling on a particular agent. If the majority of their reviews are positive, you’re more likely to have a positive buying or selling experience with them.

2. Look for Credentials

You wouldn’t go see a doctor without medical credentials, so why would you hire a real estate agent who isn’t an expert? Like anyone seasoned in a field, they should have the proper credentials to prove they are an expert and an authority within that field.

When it comes to a buyer/seller agent, this could mean a variety of things, but one of the most important credentials to look for when selecting an agent (especially if you’re a buyer) is that they are an ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative). This means that the agent has completed additional education in representing buyers in transactions. Why you should look for an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) before looking for a property? These three letters tell you that you will be working with a buyer representative who is committed to your best interests. The ABR Designation is awarded by REBAC (www.rebac.net) to those who have met the specific educational and experiential criteria needed to provide the high level quality service required by REBAC (Real Estate BUYER’S AGENT Council). Only 3% of Breckenridge realtors in Summit County possess this accreditation.

3. Check Their Online Presence

jan.PNGIf you’ve found a Breckenridge real estate agent you think might be a good fit, conduct a simple Google search and find their website. This may seem silly, but keep in mind that your agent is essentially your marketing expert. Whether or not an agent has a well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing and informative website is a reflection of their marketing and PR knowledge, and thus, an insight into how competent they will be as your marketing and PR agent in the home buying or selling process.

In addition to the quality of their website, an agent’s online presence should provide you with up-to-date, accurate information of how successful they are as an agent. A good agent will display a large variety of listings on their website. This is not only a representation of how successful they are within their profession, but of how your own listing (if you’re a seller) will be presented to the community. If you’re a buyer, an agent’s website should have enough listings on their site to help you begin your search for your new home, or at least start giving you ideas for what’s out there in the local market.

4. Ask About the Local Area

town_breck.jpgIt goes without saying that buying a home is a lot more involved than simply finding a property you like and settling closing documents. Finding your next property means taking into consideration important factors such as location, proximity to local resources, what makes the most sense for your family, average resale value in specific neighborhoods, and what you want to wake up to every moring. A seasoned real estate agent won’t just find the best deals for your budget – they will know everything there is to know about your local community. They will have your best interest in mind – and possess the ability, knowledge and expertise to meet those interests.

5. Communicate Expectations Clearly

Last but not least, it’s imperative to have a conversation with a potential agent to find out what your expectations are of each other. While a real estate agent serves to help you buy or sell a home in the most efficient way possible, they can’t go it alone. Find out what a realtor will expect from you in the whole process, and on the same token, what you expect of their services. If you feel you see eye to eye, congratulations – you’ve found the realtor who’s right for you!

To speak with a Breckenridge and Summit County real estate expert about the buying or selling process, contact me today: jleopold@slifersummit.com

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