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7 Reasons Why You Will Want to Adopt a Happier Mountain Lifestyle

Posted by JanL on November 28, 2017

If you've spent your life or your career living in a fast-paced urban environment, you probably don't need anyone to tell you that you're stressed out. The connection between stress and health is well-documented and affects people no matter where they live.

If you're struggling with costs of living in the city, you can get more bang for your buck in the mountains. Typically the cost of living and housing is a fraction of the cost for more space than you might know what to do with.

For health and wellness, a mountain lifestyle is the healthiest choice. You might find yourself picking up new habits and interests.

Here are 7 reasons why adopting a mountain lifestyle can make you and your family happier and healthier.

1. Be More Active

No matter the season or the climate, there are so many unique opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

When living in the city, most people will join a gym or take a walk through the park to wind down. But at the end of the day, they rest their head on their pillow only to hear ambulances, police cars, and loud passersbys from their window.

Imagine instead, after a long day at work, working out by running through the woods right outside your door. Instead of taking your dog up and down the stairs of your 6th-floor walkup, you could ditch the leash and go for a hike in your own backyard.

Going to the grocery store could be a chance to break out the mountain bikes as a family.

Exercise lowers stress and increases happiness. You'll find your mountain lifestyle allows you to bring more positivity to the other aspects of your life.

2. Lower Your Stress

There are a lot of ways that your mountain lifestyle will lead to drastically lower stress levels. If the idea of your crowded after work commute or bike through clusters of cars is overwhelming, you can wave all of that goodbye.

In a deeply interconnected tech age, it can feel like there's no escape from the pressures of work or a tight schedule. That schedule is crunched even more by hours stuck in trains or your car.

Rather than find a new outlet to unleash your stress or amping your exercise routine from yoga to MMA, you could find meditation on your porch.

A half an hour a day could greatly improve your emotional clarity and mental health. If you work from home, taking a lunch break could be as good as a 30-minute getaway that will change your whole outlook.

3. Close Ties

Even as you're surrounded by people in a city, it can be hard to make connections and maintain friendships. People who are a mile away can seem like they live in another state entirely. As populations grow, cities are isolating the people living in them.

In smaller communities, it's easier and more important to make strong friendships.

You see the same handful of people every day, at the market, in line at the post office, or waiting outside when you pick up your kids.

When you live a mountain lifestyle, things happen that make it important to have those connections. In a blizzard, neighbors can hook you up to their generator. They can plow your driveway after a storm.

You can also be a good connection for them, watching their kids for a day or taking care of their pets when they're on vacation.

Mountain towns offer the benefit of lifelong friendships and connections that brighten up your life.

4. Views That Inspire You


If you're an artist or a creative person, you know the value of great inspiration. Imagine if you woke up to that inspiration every morning?

People who have trouble meditating while living in a city will find it so much easier to be inspired by the beauty of a mountain lifestyle. Your mind needs time to relax in order to relieve stress that builds up throughout your day.

You also need a way to get a fresh perspective on your work, your life, and your ideas. You'll find your environment will give that to you in new ways each day.

5. Fresh Air Is Good For You

With traffic congestion, smog, and the lack of trees to convert oxygen for us, cities have notoriously bad air. Perhaps you even live in one of the worst cities for air quality as it is.

You'll find the air is easier to breathe, which can make your mind clearer and lead to better heart health. Add a few years to your life by trading your city life for a mountain lifestyle.

6. Explore Nature Every Day

If you are a casual bird watcher or have always wanted to learn about plants and trees, you'll have a chance to take your crack at it every day. It's part of human life to want to be close to nature.

The chance to see deer and rabbits crossing your lawn in the morning might be enough to keep you staring out the window for hours.

There are evolutionary reasons that the sounds, smells, and images we encounter in nature seem indescribable. They tap into something innate that we all crave.

7. Scheduling Your Life

You might find that your transition to mountain life will change your whole concept of time. The pace and atmosphere of living in the mountains can take the pressure off of your schedule.

If you're living in an area with few seasonal changes, you may welcome the change of seasons that life in the mountains brings with it.

Benefits Of A Mountain Lifestyle Are Endless

You could read all day about why you should get out to the mountains but nothing will be quite as convincing as hopping in the car and driving out there.

If you're wondering if the mountain life is good for you, why not see what kind of homes are available and schedule a viewing?