With many Americans spending more time inside their homes, there is no better time to make sure our homes are radon-free. Radon can build up to unsafe levels in any home at any time of year.

In Colorado, about 50% of homes have unhealthy radon levels.

·        The average radon level in a home in Colorado is 6.4 pCi/L; that’s equivalent to each person in the home smoking 150 packs of cigarettes a year.

·        This compares with only 6% of homes having unhealthy radon levels across the rest of the country.

·        Lung cancer in the U.S. kills more people than breast, prostate, and colon cancers combined! 

·        Radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers.

·        It claims the lives of an estimated 21,000 Americans each year making it one of the top 10 causes of cancer mortality in the United States and it causes as many as 500 lung cancer deaths every year in Colorado.

Radon test kits are available at hardware stores, home improvement centers, and online. Kits usually cost around $20 and come with easy-to-use testing and mailing instructions.

Free radon test kits available for Summit County homes can be picked up at Summit County Environmental Health County Commons Building.

Deeper Green Consulting can also perform tests using a digital testing monitor that records a continuous measurement during the entire testing time showing varying levels of radon being measured and fix elevated levels. Visit www.deepergreenconsulting.com for information.