Buying and selling is not only a daunting financial undertaking but an emotional one as well. Even still, do you really need someone to guide you through the process? Do you need someone assisting you in your search, walking you through buyer’s negotiations, or in the marketing of your home?

Is Working with a Realtor Important?

Many individuals new to the buying and selling process are confused by the necessity of a professional realtor and their team. In more recent years the concept of a real estate agent has even been thought of as outdated. Many potential homeowners and inexperienced sellers think it best to fly solo and save themselves the cost of a commission fee. Buying and selling is not only a daunting financial undertaking but an emotional one as well. Even still, do you really need someone to guide you through the process? Do you need someone assisting you in your search, walking you through buyer’s negotiations, or in the marketing of your home?

You might not think that having a real estate agent will help you exponentially in your journey, but you might be mistaken. It’s valuable to have someone with experience on your side throughout the process; someone with years of knowledge and understanding of everchanging market trends. A broker who knows the loan agents, the best neighborhoods, and listings like the back of their own hand. 

It’s a service you might not realize you need until far into the game. Before you start searching for your next home Summit County dream home or begin listing your property on the market, we’ll walk you through why having an agent can save you time, money, and the major pains of doing the work alone.


Experience and Knowledge

Most reputable real estate agents and companies have decades of experience in their field. With that experience comes invaluable knowledge that even a seasoned buyer or seller may not have. Not only does a good agent have a deeper understanding of the overall market, the value of different neighborhoods, and the hidden gem homes you might otherwise overlook, but they’re greatly connected to their cities. It’s simple enough to research properties on the internet, but it’s not as easy to understand the inner workings of the neighborhoods and cities in which you’re searching. The realtor has likely been a part of that community for some time, meaning they know what makes them worth the move.


Professional Networkers

Much of the work that a realtor puts in is often goes unseen. You may think a realtor is only there to show you properties, take or make calls on your behalf, or help you through hefty amounts of paperwork—and although that’s true—they also take care of far more. Realtors are professional networkers. Networking skills are key to finding quality properties, establishing good faith with sellers in the market, and finding mortgage brokers that are easy to work with. All this takes time to develop; time that you might not have. Thankfully, a realtor that you’re keen to work with sees networking as a major portion of their job. They’ll do the networking so you don’t have to.


Answers to Tricky Questions

The entire process of buying and selling can be daunting for even those individuals who have been through it several times over. From the tricky terminology to time frames and paperwork; you’re bound to have questions. You may be able to pick up a book or search the web for answers, but it’s much easier to have someone in the know giving you more personalized answers that cater to your current experience. Not every sale, purchase, and closing will be the same. Why not have a person in your corner that you can call on in moments of confusion or frustration?


Greater Access

Choosing the right realtor means finding someone who understands completely what you’re looking for in a home. They’ll need to know the type of lifestyle you live, what you’ll need from your living space, and what you don’t want. Basically, everything you’ve envisioned about your dream home will be privy to your realtor for them to work their magic. They’ll do their best to turn those wants, needs, and dreams into a physical home.

The internet is an extraordinary resource for property searches, and it’s true that you can use it to find almost any home you’re looking for. However, realtors have access to properties that may not be advertised, or won’t be openly listed for some time. There may be a hidden gem out there that you’ve missed without the assistance of an agent.

What’s even more important is the realtor’s experience within your area of search. On your own, you might find that dream neighborhood with houses that fit almost all your needs but aren’t quite perfect. The more familiar the agent is with the area of interest, the greater the likelihood is that they’ll know of properties that might have slipped by you.


Negotiating on Your Behalf

Summit County continues to become ever popular for prized get-away and second home real estate. As the market continues to grow, it also continues to become more competitive. It’s important to have someone with the know-how to draw up a purchase agreement that works in your favor. As negotiations are struck, and a realtor on your side, you’re assured to have someone acting in your interests.


The Support of a Team

Realtors are many things, but above all else, they’re advocates for your future happiness. Not only are they able to give objective opinions and advice, but they’re the emotional support you might not know you need. Your realtor is a part of your team, so it’s important to choose a realtor with the strength of an unparalleled company behind them. Choosing Jan Leopold as your broker and advocate means you’re also choosing to work with the Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate company. Their combined connections, knowledge, and expertise make them uniquely qualified to successfully navigate luxury real estate for the home buyer, or find the right audience for the mountain property you’re marketing.