See how often homeowners are hiring professionals vs doing the project themselves in 2019!

Courtesy of the National Association of REALTORS

Homeowners and renters remodel, redesign, and restructure their home for a variety of
reasons. This report takes a deep dive into the differences between remodeling when hiring a
professional compared to individuals who “do it yourself” (D.I.Y. ). In addition, the report
differentiates between remodeling projects that are done to benefit the homes of consumers
and projects that are done to benefit the pets of consumers.


More than half of all home projects were done by hired professionals, compared to 56
percent of pet projects, which were D.I.Y. projects.

For home projects done by a hired professional, consumers reported a Joy Score of 9.6
and those who did the project themselves reported a Joy Score of 9.9.

Forty-one percent of consumers preferred hiring a professional on a project when they
wanted the finished product to have better functionality or livability.

Projects that reflected adding the consumer’s personality to their home were twice as
popular to D.I.Y. than hiring a professional.

Close to three-fourths of Gen Y and slightly more than half of Generation X chose to
D.I.Y. their project. For animal projects, slightly less of Generation Y (66 percent) and a
larger share of Generation X (65 percent) D.I.Y. their project.