Find out why Breckenridge was ranked as one of the best small towns in the country!


Posted by JanL on July 18, 2017

breck.jpgYou have to spend a little time here in Breckenridge to fully appreciate just how magical our bustling town really is. There's a reason why so many visitors return year-after-year, eventually investing in Breckenridge real estate and becoming locals themselves. As the saying goes, “people come for the winter and stay for the summer.” While it’s no secret our white gold draws so much tourism in winter, there’s something enchanting about each and every season here in Summit County. It’s no wonder we were named number two of the best small towns in the country. 

In fact, Breckenridge has a hard time making it a full year without national recognition. Lucky for us, we tend to get the routine press nod for our surrounding nature and picturesque beauty, overall health and quality of living. It’s easy to think of Breckenridge as a Colorado ski town if you’ve only been here during ski season, but there are several reasons why our little town is routinely named one of the best places to settle down long-term.


There’s a reason Summit County has been dubbed “Colorado’s Playground.” When you live in a nature-clad haven, there’s never a shortage of things to do. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to hiking, biking, fishing and rafting in the summer, the locals here find that physical activity isn’t so much a chore, but rather a fun added bonus to the High Country lifestyle.

Even if you’re not super active, studies show that simply living at higher altitudes leads to weight-loss, for the sole reason that your metabolic rate has to increase in order to compensate for lower oxygen levels. That means you can cut the Weight Watchers and use the savings toward your new Breckenridge home!


In addition to being ranked the 2nd best small town in the United States, Breckenridge was recently named the prettiest town in Colorado by MSN Travel. Why? In addition to “being situated in the stunning Rocky Mountains,” life in Breckenridge gives you the ability to "stroll through the town’s endearing Main Street, where you’ll find boutique shops and restaurants in historic buildings that have stood for over 100 years.”

While Breckenridge is indeed a world-renowned ski town, we are so much more than that. Unlike most Western ski areas, the Town of Breckenridge was established well before the corresponding resort. This means we have a rich and vibrant history dating back to the gold mining days of the Wild West – an era that shines through every historic building lining Main Street.

In addition to a picturesque, colorful town that looks like it was modeled after Santa’s village, Breckenridge is situated in the middle of the Rockies, surrounded by the Ten Mile and Gore Ranges, making for breathtaking panoramas whether you’re standing atop Peak 8 in January or enjoying a beer on Hearthstone Restaurant’s deck in the middle of July.


Living in a place that makes you feel alive is a goal we all aspire to accomplish. It’s pretty challenging not to feel fulfilled every day in Breckenridge. In addition to exceptionally low crime, high education and impeccable town resources, there’s something truly magical about this place. 

Be it summer or winter, there’s never a shortage of adventures to be had. Come fall, enjoy dazzling gold spotted forests as the aspens turn from green to bright yellow. Rejoice in the changing seasons at the country’s highest Oktoberfest celebration. During summer, participate in free concerts, events, beer fests and days out on Lake Dillon – all the while knowing it will be a perfect sunny 75-degree day.

While most towns tend to feel sleepy during winter, Breckenridge truly comes to life when the snow falls and the lifts begin turning. Every winter day feels like Christmas morning and has the ability to turn even the most seasoned cold-weather haters into white powder addicts.

Last but not least, living in Breckenridge comes with being part of an extremely tight-knit and supportive community. From an outstanding school system to dozens of town sponsored events, Breckenridge has a welcoming atmosphere so strong even the tourists feel it. 

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